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1. The 10/50/99% Approach to Feedback

By Brennan McEachran

  • Designer shows us a sketch for a landing page.
    “I’m at the 10% stage.”
  • Team member points to a typo.
    “This is misspelled..”
  • Literally everyone else in the room.
    “This is at 10%. Save that for later.”

This blog post is about avoiding the above, having different stakeholders understand the timing and steps for any product, feature, design development. It’s a good, maybe definitive, process for giving feedback at various stages of a product's development.

The 10/50/99% Approach to Feedback
Waaaaay back, when I was a freelance web design/dev, I made a website for a water filtration company. Super exciting right? I was young, and to be honest didn’t even know what they did. The CEO and I…

2. Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & flow

By Dominica DeGrandis

In this book, Dominica talks about Lean & Kanban practices which can help at getting the right things done in the right amount of time, at the right time. It’s a must read if you are facing a bit of issues in info sharing and status updates.

The book is divided into 3 parts:
- Explains the five thieves of time
- Shows how to use Kanban to hunt down these thieves
- Talks about creating metrics and getting feedback

Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow: DeGrandis, Dominica, DeMaria, Tonianne: 9781942788157: Amazon.com: Books
Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow [DeGrandis, Dominica, DeMaria, Tonianne] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow

3. The Manager's Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change

By Camille Fournier

The main goal of the book is to describe the steps in the career ladder of a tech manager. It sheds some light on the typical career paths of software engineers, from individual contributors all the way up to senior executives. Camille Fournier also gives a realistic and well-thought-out sense of what these roles are, how they differ from other roles, and how to thrive at each stage.

Some takeaways
- Gives a perspective on what to expect of teams and managers, and what might soon be expected of you
- 1:1 meetings with your manager are an essential feature of a good working relationship
- Camille guides you from managing interns to managing multiple teams, with many tips coming from her own experience

Amazon.com: The Manager’s Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change (9781491973899): Fournier, Camille: Books
Amazon.com: The Manager’s Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change (9781491973899): Fournier, Camille: Books

4. Medium’s engineering interview process

By Jamie Talbot

What a great blog post this is! Find insights on how medium.com goes about hiring engineers and the practices they follow. It’s very straightforward.

Medium’s engineering interview process
For a growing company, interviewing is one of the most important tasks employees are asked to do, but one challenge is that interviewers don’t always feel adequately qualified to assess candidates…

5. Leadership By the Numbers

By Michael Lopp

A tad different compared to the usual content we stumble upon. In this video, Michael Lopp talks about the very basic things you will want to follow if you are new to team management and leadership. Enjoy!

6. Engineering Management: Fact vs. Fiction

By Quang Hoang

A great panel discussion turned into a blog post by Quang. It’s about four engineering leaders from Trello, PagerDuty, Datto, and Algolia sharing their views on what it means to be an Engineering Manager.

Engineering Management: Fact vs. Fiction
If you want to be mentored by one of these engineering leaders or by anyone else in our pool of mentors , sign up here. If you’ve never been a manager before, it can be difficult to know what to…

7. Time Management Tips for Engineering Managers

For all EMs out there that have some mini issues with time management. Don’t worry, you’ll get there… wherever you want to get.

In this video, you’ll find some cool tips to get to this extraordinary and stress-free place called “time managed well”! :D

Time Management Tips for Engineering Managers - Managers Club
Video and slides from Time Management Tips for Engineering Managers presentation at Heads of Engineering Conference.

8. CTO Think - How important is a work-life or non-tech balance for a technology career?

This podcast hosted by Don VanDemark and Randy Burgess is about the importance of ‘work-life or non-tech balance for someone building a career in technology’. Curious about the subject? Listen here: https://www.ctothink.com/episodes/7-work-life-or-non-tech-balance-is-it-worth-the-hype

9. This is a goldmine

By Ryan Burgess

Shared by one of our cool team members while he was exploring some stuff on GitHub, this repo is gathering resources for EMs... it's really cool and the content is of quality. We'll be creating a pull request for sure!

It's not super active (we inspected the repo with our Chrome extension), but again, content is superb.

10. Creating an Engineering Vision

By Mustafa Furniturewala

This great blog by Mustafa talks about why it is important to create an engineering vision. As a company grows, it becomes important to set the right vision for various departments. This helps the company to sync all the functions and move in the direction of the goal/vision the company shares. Nice post.

Creating an Engineering Vision
As a company scales to more people and more technology, it becomes important to have an engineering vision and a strategy to get there. In our experience, as you get to a size of greater than ~40…

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