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Engineering Productivity: Measure What Matters

By Gergely Nemeth

Shared by an EM after one of our roundtables about 'what do you measure?', this article is a really good summary of what was discussed (lead time, MTTR, deployment frequency, team happiness, etc.). In this piece, Gergely Nemeth, shares a neat overview of what to measure at the company, team and individual levels.

Note. I’d suggest to keep an eye on his blog, well written & full of insights!

How Much To Manage (“Management Energy Units”)

By Steven Sinofsky

This blog post shared by another great Engineering Leader (hint: we interviewed him in January 2021:), talks about management at different levels. Be it the ones you report to, the ones you manage, or your peers across different functions and teams. Note. The author approaches managing in terms of directions, we found this quite practical!

“managing up to those you are accountable/responsible to, down to those you formally manage/responsible for, or sideways to your peers across functions/teams.”

The Scrum Fieldbook

By J.J. Sutherland

This book is one of the best hands-on guides to the scrum organizational framework within the agile mindset. It gives a clear picture of how agile can work to transform an entire organization in a "scaled sustainable" way.

  • The book shows how the scrum framework can be successfully applied to any situation and in any industry
  • Scrum teams easily completed the tasks when they worked on bite-sized focused sprints and did not rely on conventional hierarchical structures
  • Points out on the top-down issues - on what executives do to help/hurt agile

How to fail as a new engineering manager

By Brad Armstrong

Oh.. and it’s a 8 step plan. 😅

One of these cool medium posts that lists down the things that you need to keep in mind if you are new to engineering management. Well, even if you are an Engineering Manager with a proven track record, this is a good read.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

By Team Indorse ❤️

It’s been a year since the pandemic started and all of us are still confined to our homes. To add a bit of practical fun here at Indorse, last year we started playing CSGO every Friday. Yep, every Friday we have a dedicated hour of gaming. CSGO is free and does not require any high end systems. Many from our team were new to this game but guess what a year’s worth of practice can do to your gameplay? Yes, the same newbies are now being tagged as MVP’s!

It’s good for morale-boosting during COVID-19 - especially for a team like ours, we're 100% decentralised and remote, since day one. But the trick is to obviously keep it optional. Also, it opens new channels for communication and an environment where some of us can express ourselves more openly while throwing molotovs. 😆

Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters

By Richard P. Rumelt

In the first part of the book, the author has listed all the common misconceptions about strategy and explains ‘why’ there’s so many bad strategies around. The later part of the book outlines what is needed to create good strategies, explaining what goes into the core of a good strategy. The author has given multiple real life examples which help in understanding the fundamentals.

I found out this book in Matthew Sinclair’s Medium blog! 🙌

Why Engineers Cannot Estimate Time

By Hesham Meneisi

Neat blog post that adopts a statistical approach to explain bad deadlines in engineering projects. It’s definitely thought provoking and reminds us of the “Iron law: fast, cheap, good. You can never have all three.”

We're listing 10 resources, but here are 60 more 😎

Via TechBeacon

The Art of Leadership: Small Things, Done Well

By Michael Lopp

This book lists down various tips on how to build trust and on becoming a good team leader. It gives valuable insights from a top-down managerial perspective that can be used in any team environment. Two things seems crucial for the author: (1) recruiting, a core responsibility of a manager & (2) giving feedbacks and make it a routine activity.

A Taxonomy Of Tech Debt

By Bill Clark from Riot Games

Shared on Slack by one of our members, this blog post is super well structured. In this article, Bill Clark talks about various types of tech debts and metrics related to them.

We all know Riot Games, and we’re not disappointed by their super cool tech blog. We’ll  be sharing more in upcoming articles!

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